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Raghnall ISDS 364056

Sire: Pat Byrne Moss ISDS 342840

Dam: Pat Byrne Ciara ISDS 349249


born 05.01.2019

black & white, smooth coated

Import: Ireland

Raghnall is an amazing dog with great abilities. He is very stylish In work, very much like his father Moss. He is a stable nice dog with a lots and lots of power. He is good with dogs and people. Comfortable in all environments. Very sound and reliable. I am very, very  happy to have him. He is a very social boy with a sense of humor.  

Zrzut ekranu 2021-01-22 o 12.57.25.png

Health results: 

HD-A, ED-O/0, OCD free

IGS DNA Normal

PLL DNA Normal

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

NCL DNA Normal 

DM DNA Normal

CLCN1 DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal

GG DNA Normal 

EAOD clear

Cystinuria type II DNA Normal​

carries red gene

weight: 16 kg

hight: 53cm


Misty Highland Isle of Skye ISDS 371470

sire: Scalpsie Karl ISDS 349249

Dam: Misty Highland Tessa ISDS 350


Chocolate & white, smooth coated

Skye is a lot like her father Karl. Social, very good worker.  She has a lot of drive and sense of humor, she likes to do some mischief. She is very easy to live with. She has very good drives, esy to handle on sheep. She also enjoys agility, she inherited very good jumping styles form both Tessa and Karl. 

HD-A, ED-O/0, OCD free

DNA MyDogDna panel all clear 

(eaod marker test carrier)


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