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My name is Miriam Gołębiewska. Dogs have always been my passion. I am a biologist, dog training instructor, animal psychologist. I am currently an academic lecturer in the field of animal psychology. I have been training dogs since 2006. In 2007 I founded the DogProject Training Center in Gdynia. I have been competing with my dogs since 2010. In 2012, I started my journey with herding dogs. I found the greatest passion and satisfaction in breeding working/sporting dogs. I have been studying genetics for years and exploring the secrets of breeding.


 More about me and my experience:

My passion are the scientific aspects of animal behavior. I am a biologist, dog training instructor, animal psychologist and dog breeder. I have been cooperating with the best trainers for years. In my center, classes are run by experienced instructors. 

Briefly about me: 

MSc in biology, graduate of the University of Gdańsk, I obtained my diploma in 2008. Thesis topic: "Effectiveness of using livestock guarding dogs and electric fences to protect sheep and goats against wolf attacks in the Bieszczady Mountains". 

2007-2009 Diploma of Dog Training and Behavior Consulting, specializing in dog aggression at the Canadian Companion Animal Science Institute. 

2008-2009 postgraduate studies in Animal Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, the subject of the thesis: "" Theory of domination "and aversive training techniques as a cause of behavioral problems in dogs".

I gained professional experience at the "Peter and the Wolf" dog training center in the USA. 

I am currently undergoing a PhD dissertation on dog behavior at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. I am a dog training instructor and behaviorist. 

In 2008, I founded the DogProject Training Center in Gdynia, specialising in dog training, owner education, organising courses and workshops on cynology. 

I've been training agility since 2009 and taking part in competitions with my dogs. 

In 2010 I was a lecturer at COAPE Polska. 

2012-2015 I was a lecturer at the Collegium Humanitatis post-secondary school in the field of "Veterinary technician - animal psychologist" and a lecturer at postgraduate studies "Animal Psychology" at Collegium Humanintatis in Warsaw. 

In 2014 We published a book with my dog training advices for owners.

But at last I found my true passion in breeding working dogs. 

Since the beginning of 2014 I have been leading courses for military special units. In 2018 I had the honor to be a speaker at the first international SOF K9 Conference.


Our breeding

Breeding is my passion and profession and not just a hobby. What makes me most happy is to see a perfectly balanced dog (mind and body) living a happy life with his new owner who enjoys his dog. We want to sell our puppies to people who have enough experience and knowledge to appreciate the dog he wants. 

The knowledge about genetics and breeding is vast and it takes a lot of time and effort to gain in bit by bit and no one can have it all. I spend a lot ot time researching science literature, talking to experienced breeders and vets. 

All the time we are thinking about our dogs. We have a agility course where we train with them. we also have sheep and pastures and pens to train herding. 


When selecting dogs for breeding we primarily pay attention to their psyche (temperament and ability to work) and health (we take care that dogs are tested for hereditary diseases and are in overall excellent condition). We do not breed show dogs. We choose dogs proven in work with human - especially in herding and in addition in sports. We think through carefully every mating, we always take many factors into consideration. Our dogs live with us at home, they are members of our family. Between 3 and 16 days of age puppies are conducted to Early Neurological Stimulation. All the time when the puppies are with us we socialise and habituate them to get used to many stimuli. Adult dogs and puppies are fed on natural feeds. We sell puppies only to working and sporting homes. We do not sell puppies as only pet dogs. Puppies leave our home at min 8 weeks of age, vaccinated, dewormed, with microchiped, with a pedigree (FCI and / or ISDS registration)  and the contract of sale. Most of our puppies are spoken for before the birth. To reserve a puppy you must first qualify for the list of future owners. 

If you are interested in our dogs please take the time to read our website and facebook page. You will find a lot of information, photos and videos there. For us temperament and health are the most important aspects so all dogs that we choose for breeding are well tempered, with really good drives, are health tested and come from lines that to our knowledge do not carry risk for severe illnesses. 

Or goal is to breed healthy, high drive dogs with fast brains and bodies. We choose agile, working border collies that are suitable  for dog sports on professional level. 

If you are interested in acquiring a puppy contact us via facebook or email. 

We take only serious reservations and we make a reservations list for every litter.  When the litter is born we take deposits from the people on the waiting list to confirm the reservation. 

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