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Whelping pad traction and early stimulation

Zaktualizowano: 30 sty 2021

From the first days we can help them in the development of their structure and health of thier joints. In our breeding program we use only hip scored dogs. Then we try to keep the growing puppies from sliping and sliding for the very first days. As the puppy is a living creature and it's growing till about 14 months there are some things during it's development that can cause problems. We do as much as we can but there is no guarantee that the pup will be always healthy. We urge our puppy owners to be careful with slippery surfaces at home and not to train sports with young puppy and dog.

From 3rd day of their life we stimulate them using the Early Neurological Stimulation programe. We belive that is it benefical for the grown animal.

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